Factors Which Are Responsible For Causing Cancer

Cancer has become a major health issue across the globe, as it can take anyone in its embrace. It is a disease, which can affect any organ of the human body. It can damage the cells of your body and make their functioning abnormal. As a result, the cells start dividing without any halt, which can grow in the form of tumors. These tumors are venomous, which can harm nearby organs or tissues and spread into any part of the body.There are several reasons which are responsible for the invasion of threatening cancer cells inside your body.

Ionizing Radiations

Chemical Carcinogens

Inherited Cancer

Viral and Bacterial Infections

Hormonal Changes

Cancer-Causing Foods

Immune System Dysfunction

Ionizing RadiationsRadiations can cause melanoma, which creates the several skin malignancies. These radiations can arise from the ultraviolet rays of the Sun. In fact, a radiation therapy can also give birth to another type of cancer.Chemical CarcinogensCarcinogens are cancer causing mutagens, which arise from several chemicals and toxins. Generally, it can affect any normal cells of the body. Tobacco is a perfect example of this type of carcinogens, as this causes cancer in the lung, head, larynx, neck, head, stomach, kidney, bladder, pancreas, and esophagus.Genetic CancerOvarian and Breast cancer are the common examples of genetic or inherited cancer. It may happen due to Li-Fraumeni syndrome, which can generate bone cancer, brain cancer, breast cancer, and many more. People, who are diagnosed with a syndrome of down, can also develop malignant testicular and leukemia cancer. One can get this disease from his/her parents or grandparents.Bacterial InfectionsBacterial and viral infections can also cause different types of cancers such as liver cancer occurs due to Hepatitic B and C infections, gastric or stomach cancer caused by Helicobacter pylori infection, and cervical cancer develops due to HPV infections.Hormonal ChangesChanges in the level of the hormones in a female body can lead to uterine cancer. It can happen due to increase in the level of estrogens.Cancer-Causing FoodsCancer is also caused by foods, inject with harmful chemicals, toxins, pesticides, additives, and preservatives. These foods are unhealthy, which can result in cancer and inflammation. Thus, you should take organic foods and elements.Immune System DysfunctionIt includes HIV infections which can generate anal and cervical cancers.Cancer is a collection of disease, which can affect millions of people. A complete body check-up on the regular basis is the best way to prevent this disease.